You may wonder about the name of my blog. The Wise Mind is a concept that has come to the fore in psychotherapy circles. It is based on the notion that human consciousness is in three parts. Put simply, the rational mind and the emotional mind are two very distinct aspects of the human experience, operate by different rules, serve different purposes, and are even operating in two different brain systems. Rational and emotional are the thesis and antithesis of our daily lives. There exists a synthesis in the wise mind. In the experience of our wise mind the best of our thinking and the value of our emotions come together as one reality. The polarity is resolved not by confusing reason and emotion, but by appreciating each in its own realm. In the wise mind there is quiet and clarity. The wise mind has the best chance to formulate and execute a plan that is both reasonable and emotionally astute. That is our best chance for creating a great life.

This blog is dedicated to the search for the wise mind in every experience.

Author: Mark McGonigle, LCSW

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a psychotherapy practice in Kansas City, Mo. I specialize in marital and individual therapy, and I see clients of all ages.