Mindful Marriage

Marriage is many things–a tax break, a social status, a legal contract, an expression of religion, an intended lifetime bond. It has been described as bliss, a ball and chain, half a chance of failing, and a symbol of God’s love for humanity. The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness of the relationship aspect of marriage, to uncover the path to joyful and satisfying marriage that will last, grow, and evolve.

I am a marital therapist. I constantly read and explore the available body of research about marital dynamics. There is an amazing wealth of knowledge, which often defies conventional wisdom or commonly given advice.

But, even more pertinent, I am a married man, mindfully exploring the depth and breadth of marriage to my lovely wife Peggy. I am also a survivor of divorce–a first marriage that failed but taught me much. My intention is for this blog to bridge the connection between the professional and personal in my life, to be a true expression of the experience of marriage that has been given to me. My hope is that it will be helpful and timely to you, whoever you are.

Author: Mark McGonigle, LCSW

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a psychotherapy practice in Kansas City, Mo., and the author of a 5-star iPhone app called “Fix a Fight,” which is designed to help married couples restore intimacy and friendship to their relationship after a hurtful conflict.